The program includes

a) In the Master's program "Ecumenical Studies" compulsory and elective modules amounting to 60 CP (Leistungspunkte [LP]). In detail:

  • One compulsory and one elective module in both the winter and the summer semester (total of 36 CP),
  • An internship of six weeks minimum during the semester break between the winter and the summer semester (9 CP)
  • The master's thesis (15 CP) 

b) In the Master's program "Extended Ecumenical Studies" modules amounting to 120 CP (Leistungspunkte [LP]). In detail:

  • Nine compulsory modules (75 CP)
  • An internship of nine weeks minimum (15 CP)
  • The master's thesis (30 CP)

The particulars of the modules, their admissions requirements, and the number of credit points per module are set out in the module plan (see below).  

Click here to download a list of the modules comprising the MESt

Given successful completion of the program, students have the opportunity to carry on their work as doctoral students at the University of Bonn.

German Language Courses:
MESt students have the opportunity to supplement their studies with German language courses provided for free by the University of Bonn.